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Photo of Loretta playing the harp


Playing an instrument offers the marriage of principles of movement, listening, watching and counting.  Essentially, it incorporates the traditional modes of learning: tactile, aural, visual and kinetic.  Music is one of the few disciplines that brings this all together.

The harp is considered one of the most difficult instruments.  Learning the harp takes concentration and patience.  But the sound the harp produces is truly exceptional and serves as a constant source of motivation.  In the end, it is a great lesson in perseverance and success.

Learning to play an instrument brings with it the joy of performing.  With performance comes the opportunity to play as an individual or with a group which both provide the experience of 'going live'.  With solo performing comes greater self-awareness.   Playing with a group allows the student to collaborate with others in an intimate way, fostering teamwork but also focusing on individual performance.  This is a skill that a can apply to many life situations.  I encourage students to pursue performance opportunities in their schools and communities and coach them in their preparation.

Studying music brings a host of other skills that are invaluable to both school work and life in general: self-discipline, time management, attention to detail, identifying and tackling the biggest problems first, recovering from mistakes gracefully and accepting one's strengths and weaknesses, to name a few.

“When I first met Loretta a few years ago, I was a complete novice at playing the harp. Since then and under her wonderful tutelage, I can now say that I am able to play some very nice music. The harp is not an easy instrument to learn, but under her guidance she has made it fun and challenging at the same time. She is forever patient and encourages me to strive a little harder to reach a new level of playing with each lesson. Loretta is a highly trained and accomplished musician. She is easy to work with, and you always know that you are being taught by the best. Loretta has opened up a whole new world for me. She has given me a sense of accomplishment and joy that I didn’t think possible.”

- Jan O.

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